If you adopt a dog from Friendly K9 Rescue, you will be required to commit to the following terms in an Adoption Agreement.



Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. This Pet Adoption Agreement has been put in place to clarify the commitment and responsibilities of the animal’s new family

  1. Friendly K9 Rescue (FK9R) has an initial two week trial period where, if the pet is deemed unsuitable, may be returned at any time (during this trial period).
  2. Your premises will be viewed to ensure that the pet will be housed in safe and secure surroundings pre-adoption. There may also be a visit during the trial period to ensure that the safety and welfare of the animal is upheld.
  3. You agree to contact FK9R immediately should any problems arise such as: health and/or behavioural concerns, the animal becomes lost during the trial period, the animal requires medical attention during the trial period. Any veterinary costs incurred by you and will not be refunded unless the animal is treated by our nominated veterinary practice.
  4. If at any time during or after the trial period FK9R becomes aware that the pet is being mistreated or is deemed to be at risk, FK9R may seize that animal without notice. The animal will only be returned to the adopter after FK9R considers the situation resolved and the pet faces no further threat. If the situation cannot be resolved then the pet will be rehomed and you will receive no refunds.
  5. The full adoption fee is payable at the beginning of the trial period. Should the adoption not proceed, during or at the conclusion of the trial period, the adoption fee is fully refundable.
  6. You agree to maintain and house the animal under the conditions of your State and Federal Acts governing the care of companion animals, and meet all council by-laws.
  7. You understand that FK9R will lodge the Change of Ownership forms with Council and the animal will be put in your name. You are responsible for any cost or charges incurred should the animal be impounded. You are responsible for ensuring the animal is lifetime registered.
  8. You agree to keep the animal’s microchip and ID details updated with Companion Animals Register and Local Council at all times. FK9R may be a secondary contact.
  9. You agree to provide all regular veterinarian treatment, including vaccinations, parasite control and immediate treatment of any illness or injury.
  10. You agree to seek advice from a registered Behavioural Trainer if the animal develops any serious behavioural issues.
  11. You agree that if at any point during the animal’s life you are no longer able to care for the animal, you must offer FK9R the right of first refusal to return this animal. Therefore, you agree that you must not surrender, give away or sell this animal until permission is granted by FK9R.
  12. You will take responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the animal during the trial period. Should damage or injury occur, you must consult with FK9R immediately. After the trial period you will be legally responsible for the animal under State and Federal laws.
  13. You agree and understand that when the animal is adopted by you it will already be microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and temporarily treated for heartworm, fleas and gastro-intestinal worms.
  14. You understand that the animal has been examined by one of FK9R’s veterinary practices, with full disclosure of any known injuries or illness provided to you by FK9R. You understand that no guarantees can be made against current or future injury or illness, hereditary or otherwise.
  15. You understand that FK9R cannot be held responsible for the animal should it suffer ill health and / or develop any unsatisfactory temperament.
  16. You understand that dogs require physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis, ongoing socialisation and training.
  17. You agree the animal will be considered a part of the family and, as such, be welcomed into the family home and sleep in a comfortable, warm, dry, safe, protected area.

By entering into a trial period, I have considered all the aspects listed above and the responsibility of pet ownership including all associated vet care and costs. I can provide a loving, forever home for this animal.

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