This form is for individuals conducting a House Inspection for a potential adopter.

Name of person conducting inspection:

Name of potential adopter:

Do all doors latch securely?  
 Are dogs able to escape through windows?  
Where will dog be allowed in house?  
Is there evidence of small children? (toys etc that can be swallowed.)  
Are rubbish bins secured? Are cleaning products secured?  
Fence / Yard  
Type, Width and Height of fence.  
No palings missing? Colourbond panels secure?  
No foot holds to climb.  
No items near fence to allow dog to climb and escape.  
No potential escape routes?  
Latches – Do the gates have latches that are easy to use/lock and can keep gates closed?  
Ground will not wash away or be dug up easily  
Is there adequate shade from sun, all day and shelter from wind and rain?  
Where will kennel be placed?  
Where will water bowl be placed?  
Can dog leap from decks, split level gardens and cause self injury?  
Are chemicals, petrol and sharp gardening objects secured safely?  
Are any of the plants poisonous to animals? Or other hazards like macadamia nuts, palm tree seeds, or garden rocks?  
 Are there unfenced water features, such as a pool, fish pond or dam?  
Do cars back out through the dog containment area? If so, how will the dog be kept safe from the moving vehicle?  
Is there any potential strangling hazards ie. clothes line, blind cords, decorations in yard or home?  
If a dog or puppy is indoors, is there adequate ventilation in the secured area on hot days?  
Does the immediate neighbour have dogs? Are they friendly, jumping at fence, barking excessively?  
Is there livestock on neighboring property?  
Current Pets  
Are the current pets well socialized?  
Are they reasonably clean?  
Are they friendly and do they approach you in a friendly manner?  
How do they react towards their owners, and do they respond to commands?  
Do you feel the adopter will love and care for the dog properly?  
Would you feel comfortable leaving your pet with this family?  
 Does this adoption feel right?  
Additional Comments